Horror Song: The horror title will have a physical print

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horror song, the horror game that has received a great response from fans of classics of the genre such as vampire s the silent HillHe will finally get a physical copy.

This version will be available for PlayStation 4 and distributed by Meridiem Games starting July 20. physical version of horror song It will include a box cover with special art, a map where players can write down the clues they find during the game and a guide to the characters, explaining their abilities and their relationship to the story.

Unfortunately, at the moment, this version will be officially distributed only in stores in Europe and Australia.

What is that horror song?

horror song It is a third-person horror game that focuses on the narrative of the great authors of the genre such as Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and MR James.

Famous writer Sebastian B. Hocher with his family. His editor, worried about him, sends his assistant to Hasher’s house to see that everything is fine, but he never returns. These disappearances set off a terrifying chain of events, revealing a dark entity known as Existence, which appears to be guilty of all events.

Presence is controlled by an advanced artificial intelligence that adapts to your actions and decisions, providing a unique and different experience for every player and every game.

during horror song You will control several characters, each with their own view towards the investigation. Some characters will know more about certain aspects of the story, while others will be more effective against the paranormal. On the other hand, the death of both of them would be final.

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