How much does Nintendo cost to make an OLED Switch?

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Just when rumors and the moment seemed to coincide with the imminent unveiling of the Switch Pro, Nintendo surprised everyone but with the Switch OLED, the console that offers a screen change to 720p in portable mode, a redesign in the Dock and 64GB of internal memory. The announcement was a bittersweet drink for fans, but what lifted spirits was the price, because although there were those who were willing to pay more for a more powerful console, they didn’t expect that hardware improvements and a screen change would happen. Raise the price by $50. It’s been a few days since Nintendo’s just-revealed «upgrade» cost estimates were announced.

The switch has never been sold at a loss and the OLED switch will not be an exception

report from Bloomberg Conducted by Takashi Mochizuki, a journalist who provided the most accurate rumors regarding the new Switch, he compiled information about the cost of the Switch OLED console to Nintendo. First of all, it should be borne in mind that according to official information, in 2017, the production price of the Switch for Nintendo was 257 US dollars and its market price, then and now, is 300 US dollars. While the cost of production may have fallen in subsequent years and may have gone up during the pandemic, the fact that Nintendo isn’t selling the hybrid console at a loss.

Switch OLED production costs Nintendo only $10

Well, according to estimates by industry experts consulted by Takashi Mochizuki, the OLED Switch costs Nintendo $10 more than the standard model cost to produce. In this sense, it is estimated that upgrading the screen to the OLED version, which comes from Samsung, will cost $3 to $5. For its part, the increase in internal memory for the Switch OLED will cost Nintendo $3.50, while a redesign of the Dock will only add a few dollars.

This estimate didn’t take long to generate controversy as it adds to criticism of the OLED Switch’s $350 price tag, an amount that some gamers consider unfair given the impeccable hardware improvement that Nintendo has offered in this model and even more so because it doesn’t solve one of the biggest problems. The Switch suffered and was overshadowed by its market success, the Joy-Con Drift.

What do you think of Nintendo’s pricing and strategy with the OLED Switch?

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