How much more? OLED Switch won’t arrive in Mexico on October 8

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This morning was very touched by the announcement of the new Switch OLED model, which already has all Nintendo fans thinking about updating their console excited. However, we receive sad news about the launch of this model in Mexico, because everything indicates that we will not see it on that day in our country.

The Nintendo Switch OLED prototype will arrive in the US, Canada, and a large portion of regions on October 8, although it has just been announced that this revision of the console will arrive later in Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

Information can be found on the official Nintendo website for our lands, where it has been confirmed that the new model of the hybrid console will be available in Mexico sometime during the Christmas season (yes, this year). But the story for the rest of the countries in the region will be different, as they do not yet seem to have a starting window for them.

If we analyze the situation, it can be described as strange, or as a risky move, that Nintendo decided on different versions of the OLED Switch, considering that the Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 have arrived all over the world on the same day..

The reason may be production problems derived from the COVID-19 pandemic and that Nintendo wants to concentrate available inventory in what it considers its most important market, even though the real reason is known only to its executives.

We’ll be staying tuned to find out more details about this situation and what price the OLED Switch will have in our country to share with you in due course. Meanwhile, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the features of the console and the advantages of OLED technology that we share in other notes.

Does Nintendo’s decision to release the console sound right to you? Let us know in the comments.

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