Is Microsoft in response to Nvidia, AMD, and Epic scaling?

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Playing on PC means the experience has to be amazing, or at least leaving a session of the same game on console in a bad way. Fortunately, gaming-related companies on this platform have not stopped doing research and development in search of technological advancements that make things easier, but without less impact. Thus, scaling techniques are already becoming a common reality in many gaming sessions and it seems that Microsoft can join the trend.

Microsoft looks to catch up with Nvidia, AMD, and Epic

According to the information received from computer gamesMicrosoft could prepare the way for introducing AI-powered expansion technology, according to the job openings that offer the opportunity for software engineers specializing in graphics and machine learning technologies. In this sense, the description of the job openings reads: “Xbox is taking advantage of machine learning to make traditional rendering algorithms more efficient and to offer alternative improvements. The graphics team is looking for an engineer to implement machine learning algorithms in software to delight millions of gamers. He will also work closely with partners To develop software for future machine learning devices that will have a significant impact on computer graphics and video games.”

Microsoft PC game runs in the Xbox gaming environment

With the above in mind, it appears that Microsoft will seek to put PC gaming offerings, at least in its specialized graphics technology division, into open competition with Nvidia’s DLSS technologies, AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution, and Epic’s Temporal Super Resolution, technologies that begin in The surprise. Computer game enthusiasts.

Likewise, we cannot forget that Microsoft’s PC gaming strategy, whether in the next Windows 10 or Windows 11, goes hand in hand with the Xbox gaming environment that includes Game Pass for this platform and that also integrates the cloud experience with xCloud.

Do you think Microsoft can compete with Nvidia, AMD, and Epic in this area?

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