Is Phil Spencer really thinking about retirement? Xbox manager reveals it

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Phil Spencer is undoubtedly one of the most famous and important people in the industry. The manager has worked for years at Xbox and has a proven track record with the company behind it.

However, it must all begin and there will come a time when Spencer decides to retire and leave his position as head of Xbox. The big question is when that will happen and who will succeed him.

The manager talked about his future in a recent interview IGN (Across Pure Xbox), so he commented on what he expects from the next Xbox boss to take up his role and whether his retirement is imminent.

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Phil Spencer talked about his successor, are you already thinking about retirement?

When asked about his possible retirement, Spencer mentioned that he loves his job and that he loves being part of Xbox. Despite this, he knows that there will come a time when he will have to leave the company and give up his position to someone else.

Spencer hopes his successors will do a better job than he did, so he will continue to work to put Xbox in a strong position and in good hands. This means that you will collaborate with other current leaders to train and prepare them.

“At some point there will be another manager for Xbox, hopefully they will be better than me at this job, I think any leader should aspire to that. What can I do now with the team leaders to help give them experiences so that this brand can have the ability to do so?” said the manager. “In a position to be strong in the coming decades? I think this is a real responsibility that I have in this position.»

Spencer reiterated that she loves her job and position, so she is not considering retirement at the moment. The manager said he still has a few things to do, and that he still feels inspired to achieve them and work with the Xbox team.

“This is the job I want, I love this job. I think I have more to do, but I also know that at some point there will be someone else in the position… but I feel like I definitely have a lot to do. I work here, and I have work that inspires me in a way.” Unbelievable every day.»

So we can expect Spencer to stay at the helm of Xbox for several more years, which is definitely good news for many. Spencer has been recognized for saving the Xbox from hard times after the launch of the Xbox One and for bringing the brand to more than a solid position in the industry.

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