Is the Xbox Series X Mini refrigerator coming to Mexico? There is a chance

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Xbox Mini-Coolers based on Series X caused quite a stir and all kinds of comments among fans of the brand. Fortunately, the product is real and will be sold later this year.

In fact, Xbox finished its E3 2021 presentation with another look at the quirky element that gamers around the world desire. However, many fear that it will only be released in select regions, as in the US of course.

Apparently, Microsoft wants to offer the Xbox Series X mini coolers to as many fans around the world as possible. So it looks like the device will be launched globally.

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Xbox Series X Mini coolers are available in multiple countries

While the mini fridge release date or price has yet to be revealed, Xbox Marketing Director Aaron Greenberg has delivered good news to all who have been waiting for this great set.

The director shared another look at the article with a series of photos that undoubtedly conveyed more than one Xbox fan. He also revealed that the mini fridge will be able to store up to 10 cans of soft drinks or beer, and will have space for some snacks.

The good news is that Greenberg has confirmed that the item will not be sold only in the United States. Thus, it will reach more areas and there is a high probability of seeing it in Mexico and other countries in America.

The joke didn’t wait for the manager to post, so one of the players asked him about expanding the storage for the mini fridge. As a joke, Greenberg announced a quick resumption of the energy drink and a smart delivery rack.

Greenberg’s participation was well received by the players, and called for the release of the mini-fridge in their countries. They also asked the manager about the price and more details about the article, but there are no details at the moment on this.

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