It is inevitable, like Thanos! Facebook will test ads on Oculus

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If someone thought that virtual reality, being an expensive experience, would be ad-free, they were wrong because this is one of the inevitable things today. We say this because Oculus users could soon deal with this «extra» during gaming or browsing sessions as Facebook will be testing the inclusion of commercials.

Unknown: Facebook will test ads on Oculus headphones

According to the information received from the edge (Across Gamesindustry.bizFacebook will soon begin testing to include ads in the Oculus VR experience. In this sense, what is known is that it will not be an unfair advertisement that will take place in the visual section, but will be auditory, that is, it will be heard through the headphones of Oculus devices.

Facebook mentioned that the game BLASTON Resolution Games will be the first to feature ads on Oculus along with two undisclosed apps. In this regard, Mark Zuckerberg pointed out that it is another way to strive to make the VR environment self-sufficient: “This is an essential part of ensuring that we create a self-sustaining platform that can support a variety of business models that open up new types of content and audiences.”

Commercials are supposed to be done in an organic, non-invasive or surprising way

On the other hand, Facebook confirmed that the ads will take into account the information that the user has and the type of content or products that he sees a lot, as it happens on social networking sites, but it focused on his experience in the virtual reality environment. . from Oculus. Similarly, the company stated that it will also bet on ads that look natural in a VR session and not an invasive commercial that comes out of nowhere and suddenly: “We are currently investing in discrete ads as a new way for developers to create businesses, and while we’re not ready to test it yet, we’re exploring Also new ad formats unique to virtual reality.”

Stay informed, level up.


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