It Takes Two, Joseph Fares’ latest game, has already sold 1 million copies

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It takes twoThe sympathetic co-op Hazelight debuted on March 26th with excellent ratings from critics and gamers. This good reception appears to have also been reflected in the title’s commercial performance, as it has already surpassed an important target.

Through Hazelight official account, the developers of It takes two They confirmed that the video game had already exceeded the million units sold, and took the opportunity to thank the community for its support.

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On the other hand, Joseph Faris, director and writer for the video game thanked the fans and mentioned that sales It takes two Show that players are only interested in cooperative games.

At the beginning of April, Joseph Fares sharply criticized single-player games, stating that from his point of view, the problem with many of these titles is that they last too long and overexploit their mechanics.

But tell us, do you think It takes two Worth those sales? Have you already played? Let us read for you in the comments.

It takes two Available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can read the latest news of this distinguished collaborative title by clicking here, while in this link you will find our written review.


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