It’s not just against Apple anymore! They are suing Google for their practices with the Play Store

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There is nothing new under the sun, we all know who the tech giants are and what parts of our lives they have. We all use their services, however, many of their practices can be classified as abusive, which is why 36 state governments in the US have filed a lawsuit against Google, accusing the company of monopolistic conduct of its business on their Android devices and Google Play store.

The best slice of cake is the biggest

The lawsuit filed by the group this week, which can be read through Washington PostDespite promises to keep Android as an open platform, Google ended up creating a monopoly on app distribution and payment processing on Android.

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“Google has taken steps to shut down the competition ecosystem and list itself as an intermediary between app developers and consumers,” the lawsuit says, and continues the argument that Google charges a “heavy commission” of 30 percent. percent of all purchases from the Google Play Store and that the company uses «anti-competitive tactics to reduce and discourage distribution of other app stores on Android».

Further in the lawsuit, it reads that «Google not only attacked stores that are a potential competitor, but also ensured that app developers themselves had no choice but to distribute their software through the Google Play Store.»

Unlike Apple’s App Store, Google allows other app stores to launch on the platform, but these stores face barriers that discourage consumers from leaving the Google Play Store. According to the lawsuit, these practices are the reason Google distributes 90 percent of all Android apps while «no competing app store has more than 5 percent of the market.»

Tech giants plan a new world order للنظام
Tech giants plan a new world order للنظام

This lawsuit is in addition to other legal disputes questioning the fees that mobile platforms charge developers, the most obvious of which is Epic’s lawsuit against Apple, a case that has forced Google to make recent changes to the fee structure of its App Store.

And you, what do you think of this situation? Do you think Google and Apple should be more flexible with their policies in their stores? Leave us your opinion in the comments and follow us for more news here at LEVEL UP.

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