It’s official: Super Nintendo World will be temporarily closed due to the pandemic

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After several delays due to the pandemic, Super Nintendo World opened its doors in March of this year. The park finally welcomed Nintendo fans, but all of them took special measures due to the increase in infections in various prefectures in Japan.

For this reason, Super Nintendo World has limited entry for its visitors to Universal Studios Japan. According to recent reports, there was a possibility that the place would close its doors due to an increase in COVID-19 cases in Osaka, Japan.

Unfortunately, the news was confirmed this morning, so Super Nintendo World and Universal Studios Japan will close their doors this weekend and be inactive until further notice.

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Super Nintendo World will close its doors due to COVID-19

Universal Studios Japan confirmed through a statement that it will temporarily suspend its operations until further notice. This will affect Super Nintendo World, which will also temporarily close its doors due to the declared state of emergency in Osaka.

The temporary closure will begin on Sunday, April 25, and activities are expected to resume on May 11. However, the period can be extended at the request of the government. It will be necessary to wait until the declaration of emergency is lifted and the situation in the province has improved.

Universal Studios Japan has apologized to all fans who were planning to visit their facilities in the next few days. The park will soon provide information to people who have already purchased tickets and will be affected by the closure.

If you don’t remember, Universal Studios Japan previously closed their doors, from February 29 to June 7 last year. Since then, the park has designed and updated various preventive guidelines due to the pandemic.

The venue reopened its doors on June 8; However, due to a new request from the government, it will have to temporarily suspend all its activities until further notice. Universal Studios Japan confirmed that its team will later work to revive the economic and tourism sector in the region.

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Super Nintendo World opened in Japan on March 18th. Search this link for all the news related to the theme park.

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