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Over the past few years, there has been talk of a new revision of the converter with multiple improvements. Despite this, Nintendo denied all reports on the matter and stated that it does not have any announcements regarding the devices.

However, as it often happens, the company is surprised, as this morning it revealed a new model of its hybrid console. This is the Nintendo Switch OLED which, as its name suggests, comes with improvements to its screen and other novelties.

If you’re planning to get the Switch soon, we recommend you mark your calendar, as Nintendo has already revealed the console’s official launch date and price.

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What will the new Nintendo Switch OLED offer?

Nintendo has confirmed that its new console will retain all the functionality of the original hybrid model. However, it will offer a better experience thanks to the 7-inch OLED screen. The palette will provide more vibrant colors and sharp contrast.

Another excellent news is that the system will come with more internal memory, as it will now have 64 GB of storage. As the reports indicated, the system will have a wider base in the back to enjoy in desktop mode.

The stand will have a variety of viewing angles that players can easily adjust. As if that weren’t enough, the console promises improved sound thanks to its high-quality built-in speakers. Nintendo has stated that all Joy-Cons will be compatible with this new model.

The console is not the only thing that has undergone changes, the base will also arrive with the news. It will have a built-in LAN port and some minor tweaks to its design. Want to see what the console and its base look like? Don’t miss the trailer below:

When will the Nintendo Switch OLED come out and how much will it cost?

If you like the news of the Nintendo Switch OLED, keep in mind that its launch is just around the corner. The console will launch worldwide on October 8. You’ll arrive in stores in two bundles that don’t include games.

The first offers an all-white Joy-Con controller and console. The other bundle will include a controller with red and blue controls. You can add any model to your collection for $349.99.

This is what the Nintendo Switch OLED looks like

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