Jim Ryan: Fostering creativity isn’t as simple as investing money

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After what could be considered a period of uncertainty with a few bugs in the PlayStation 3 era, Sony immediately changed that attitude and began with an unstoppable ascent, both with the PlayStation 4 and with the emerging PlayStation. It’s well known that an important part of PlayStation’s strategy and allure lies in exclusives, and Jim Ryan recently talked about this phase that has paid off well for the brand.

Jim Ryan thinks PS5 startup is better than PS4

Through his Twitter account, Stephen Totilo, journalist from AxiosAnd the He revealed some excerpts from his last interview with Jim RyanCEO and President of Sony Interactive Entertainment. In it, the director touched on the issue of the brand’s work and studies during the PS4 cycle and now with PS5, initially highlighting the range of exclusives that he considers, despite their small size, better than its predecessor. Startup Console: “The performance over the PS4 cycle has been great, but most of these games came in the second half. We made a conscious effort to improve that this time around, and what I’ve seen so far shows that we’ve definitely made progress. In just a few months since launch PS5 We’ve released amazing games and we have more on the way.Developers are really starting to take advantage of the technology on PS5.Can’t wait to see the innovations in PlayStation Studios and our third-party partners for PS5.Yes, like games Spider-Man: Miles MoralesAnd the back s Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart They are examples of what you can achieve in the first six months of PS5, imagine what we’ll see in the second or third year.»

PlayStation boss also knows how to send hints to Xbox

On the other hand, Jim Ryan showed that he also knows how to send indirect messages, a few days after Phil Spencer criticized PlayStation’s decision to release its PC exclusives at a later time, although he did not mention the brand, the head of PlayStation did the same. To ensure that money is not invested in everything: “Promoting creative talent is not as simple as investing money. They must also be given the freedom to be creative, to take risks and come up with new ideas. Just look Ghost of Tsushima by Sucker Punch. This wasn’t the game we thought they’d play, but we’re not strict or established with our talents. We want them to use our devices as a creative canvas. «

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