Jim Ryan says PlayStation wants more cross-play with consoles and other PCs

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As part of the lawsuit that Apple is facing against Epic Games, information has emerged indicating that Sony was against cross-play and that it charges a commission under certain circumstances for its implementation. Now, Jim Ryan, president of PlayStation, confirms that they are in favor of having cross-play and that he wants more games to get it.

Ryan recently gave an interview to AxiosHe asserted that they «support and encourage cross-play» arguing that the option exists in high-profile games such as Call of Duty: War ZoneAnd the It is an electronic gameAnd the Maine Craft s Rocket League. He also confirmed that the number of cross-games on PlayStation platforms will «continue to increase».

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Borderlands 3 It does not have cross-play in PS; Ryan talked about it

But if PlayStation supports cross-play and wants to see it in more games, why Borderlands 3 Don’t have it? Remember that a few weeks ago, the stolen Gearbox shooter received cross-play between Xbox and PC. The option was due to come to PlayStation, but Randy Pitchford, the studio’s CEO, says he has been asked to remove the option.

When Ryan was asked for comment, he said it was a «commercial gambling issue with a long-time partner,» referring to Take-Two. He noted that their policies are «in line with all distributors.»

You see, Ryan’s words didn’t make the situation very clear. He only indicated that there was a problem with Take-Two, the owner company Borderlands 3. Will they work to reach this solution? Hopefully Ryan can deliver on his promise to bring more shared games to PlayStation.

And you, what do you think of Ryan’s statements? Do you think PlayStation should put in more effort to work on cross-play? Tell us in the comments.

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