Knockout City will expand its narrative and tradition in the coming seasons

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Knockout CityVelan Studios’ latest project, has surprised the community and managed to hit 5 million players at the tip of the ball. Although this experience focuses on multiplayer, it is possible to find little bits of information that reveal more about the traditions and history of this colorful universe, something the developers plan to investigate further in the future.

What happens is that Karthik Bala, CEO and co-founder of Velan Studios, commented in an interview with The Gate Jamespot That fans are asking for more from the story and that community members are theorizing about the game’s characters.

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Despite being a fully multiplayer title, Knockout City It has a simple story told with characters and settings from the game itself, elements that also support the gameplay. To some extent, the above is reminiscent of titles like Note and watchAnd the CoD: Warzone a Apex Legends.

Karthik Bala said in the interview that the studio plans to introduce some «narrative innovations» in the upcoming seasons. The above are for the purpose of building a video game tradition. Of course, the creator mentioned it Knockout City It will continue its 100% multiplayer approach, so it appears that the campaign mode is not in the developers’ plans.

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But tell us, would you like to know more about the traditions Knockout City? Let’s read to you in the comments.

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