Konami breaks contract with Barcelona player after racist scandal

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Although you probably recognize her more for being responsible for a series like the silent Hill s metal equipmentThe truth is Konami is a huge company with a lot of business. One of them is the production and sale of letters Yu-Gi-Oh!. The company recently signed a cooperation agreement with Antoine Griezmann, a French footballer for FC Barcelona, ​​to promote this business. The agreement was terminated early due to a football player scandal.

Through a statement, Konami stated that he had severed his relationship with Antoine Griezmann. Thus, the famous footballer will cease to be a content ambassador for the brand. Yu-Gi-Oh!, because it was barely weeks ago.

Konami Digital Entertainment believes that, as in its sports philosophy, discrimination of any kind is unacceptable. We previously announced Antoine Griezmann as a Content Ambassador for Yu-Gi-Oh!; However, due to recent events, we will continue to cancel the contract,” Konami explained.

In the statement, Konami clarified that it will also ask FC Barcelona to explain this situation: “With regard to the franchise eFootball PESWe will ask FC Barcelona, ​​as a member of the club, to explain the details of the case and their future actions.”

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Griezmann was going to have a Yu-Gi-Oh!
Griezmann was going to have a Yu-Gi-Oh!

What happened to Antoine Griezmann?

If you don’t follow the football world, you are probably a bit confused. So let us tell you what happened to Antoine Griezmann and what is the origin of the controversy.

What is happening is that a video has been circulating on social networks a few days ago, in which Antoine Griezmann and Ousami Dembele, who is also a French footballer for Barcelona, ​​make comments about hotel staff trying to fix a TV. The important thing is that football players made racist comments about these men.

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While the video began circulating only a few weeks ago, it was said to have been filmed in 2019 during Barcelona’s pre-season tour of Asia.

The players and their club have already apologized for what appears in the video.

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