Konami is a surprise for Silent Hill fans

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Rumors surrounding the return the silent Hill They are prolific. However, Konami hasn’t confirmed anything, but he sure knows how excited the fans are and with the recent posts he’s getting excited and seems to be a surprise for the series.

Impossible to case abandoned, the supposed game that will mark a comeback the silent Hill Don’t steal the fans’ attention. Konami has shared two messages that sparked speculation about this and many rumors about a new game in the series, sharing a picture of the Pyramid Head with the message «Coming soon».

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Konami is a surprise for fans the silent Hill

Before you get too excited, you should know that these messages are from the official Konami online store, so perhaps Konami means that there will finally be merchandise from the silent Hill On site, as stickers or T-shirts.

Konami has been posting similar messages for several days, stating that it will carry out the reveal soon. It is not known when it will be officially announced.

What you want is games the silent Hill? Well, no news about that. However, as mentioned, there are rumors that very soon there will be a new game لعبة the silent Hill. One of the most buzzing things in recent days is abandoned, which may be the long-awaited new game in the series for many years abandoned.

In case you missed it: famous composer the silent Hill He hinted that a new game in the series will be revealed in the summer.

What makes you think this way is that there are a lot of clues (a lot, seriously) that seem to point to that abandoned will be new the silent Hill And not only that, it was developed by Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions himself. If not, it will go down in history as one of the biggest festivals or gigs in history and abandoned He had to overcome a huge backlash.

In addition, it is remarkable that the reveal of this game (June 22) will coincide with the upcoming launch of official merchandise for the silent Hill promoted by Konami. We will keep you informed.

What do you think that? Do you like the design of the head of the pyramid? Tell us in the comments.

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