League of Legends: A new organization that has raised millions of dollars for charity

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Riot Games holds a private skin or skin charity sale every year at League of Legends To raise money that will go directly to charity. Well, players are back together in the latest edition and set a new record.

Late last year, Riot Games released the Old Sketch logo for Ornn, which users can earn for 1,350 RP as part of this charitable program, which was available from December 10, 2020 to January 11, 2021.

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Ornn Bosqueviejo (Imagen: Riot Games)
Ornn Bosqueviejo (Imagen: Riot Games)

Ornn Oldstroke broke the charity record

Well, Riot Games announced that Ornn Oldwood’s new philanthropic side managed to raise $ 7 million, which is a very high number if we consider that the availability period was only one month.

Riot Games celebrated this, as Ornn Elderdraft’s revenue exceeded that of Dawnbringer Karma ($ 6 million), skin that was available at the previous charity event in December 2019.

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These events are Riot Games ‘collaboration with ImpactAssets where the total proceeds go directly to Riot Games’ social impact fund.

“Thank you all very much for helping us collaborate with organizations whose work around the world is very important. We look forward to your participation in this year’s charity event. Let’s continue building a better world together,” commented Riot Games.

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