League of Legends – Player kills mountain dragon with 2 hits

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We are in shock. One player killed a mountain dragon with two attacks in League of Legends.

In a recent clip we found on reddit, we saw that a player was playing with Jhin and instead of carrying the usual build, we noticed he had magical items equipped, allowing him to wipe out one of the most powerful neutral monsters in less than a second Summoner’s Rift.

The design consists of Wizard’s Boots, Essence Raider, Navori’s Razor Blades, Void Staff, Infinity Edge, and Collector’s boots. This equipment allows hero traps to deal a lot of damage and kill enemies everywhere. Just watch the video to see how the dragon’s life bar disappears with this ability.

You should know that Jhin’s traps, known as Captive Audience, expand with attack damage and ability power, but when they explode they deal magical damage. The player knew this and set traps right in the center of the dragon hole to deal 7,500 points of damage in the Mountain Dragon.

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In this startling scenario, if Jhin hadn’t hit the dragon with a single shot before the traps exploded, the forest Evelynn would most likely have managed to steal the target with her punishment.

Let us know what you think of this video and if you have any play you’d like to share.

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