League of Legends: This is how powerful Akshan is, the new champion of the title

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League of Legends It continues to add characters to the already extensive list of heroes. Riot Games recently surprised players by revealing Akshan, a powerful warrior also known as the Rebel Sentinel.

As per the details, Akshan will be a hero with a story similar to that of Vighu; However, the new hero will take a completely different path and use his power to help defenseless people.

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Who is Akshan, the new hero of League of Legends?

According to Riot, Akshan went through something similar to Viego, so he lost someone he loved. He suffered a lot during his childhood, growing up on the streets where he learned to stand up for himself and not give any rest to individuals who take advantage of others.

The company noted that Akshan restores a part of Southeast Asian culture. The hero was created with the aim of having a new type of assassin with rogue touches, a character that is both elusive and dangerous.

Akshan grew up on the streets of a town in Shurema, where he faced all kinds of villains since his youth. However, one day, I messed with a strong man who almost killed him. Fortunately, he was saved by Shadia, a woman who used a mysterious weapon to save him.

After he recovered, Akshan trained with Shadia and joined the guards. However, his mentor was killed and since then the hero only seeks revenge.

When will Akshan appear and how will he fight? League of Legends?

To get started, you should know that Akshan will be part of the 11.15 update for League of Legends. The hero will arrive with a compelling set of abilities that are sure to excite the entire title community.

One of his attacks is the Boomerang Revenge, with which he will fire a throwing weapon to deal damage and detect enemies being hit. Its range will increase depending on the number of enemies affected.

The hero can be camouflaged for a while or continuously if he is near a terrain obstacle with Rebel. This way you can see the effects, as well as gain movement speed and regeneration.

At the same time, Rebel will passively introduce the ability to Rogue an enemy hero who kills an ally. Fighting and defeating him will earn you extra gold and all allies defeated by the rogue in the base will be revived.

She will also attack with the Heroic Swing, fixing it in an obstacle to swing and shooting. As per his merit, Akshan will identify an enemy and collect bullets. After aiming, it will fire all projectiles to deal massive damage.

Finally, there are tricks, a passive ability with which explosive physical damage is inflicted on the third attack or offensive ability used. In addition, the hero will receive a shield. Here is Akshan’s reveal trailer:

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