Level 5, Studio Ni no Kuni, is working on a mysterious project and is looking for employees

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The fifth level has been recognized by the West Yo-kai watchAnd the Ni No Kuni s Professor Layton. The company continues to develop new projects and indications are that it is a completely new IP game.

The developer studio stated through its official website that it is hiring employees to work on a «completely new RPG». Several vacancies are available for key positions, such as game manager, producer, programmer, 3D character designer and another for 3D environments, according to information from jimatsuUnfortunately, no further details have been shared.

as you remember TwinfiniteAt the end of 2020, company president Akihiro Inoue stated that he was working on a new game, but did not provide any other details, although it may be the project the vacancies are referring to.

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What game does level 5 work on?

It’s important to note that Level 5 will be announcing a game soon Yo-kai watch. Judging from the few details the studio has given about their upcoming productions, these are different projects.

It has already been confirmed that the first thing that will be revealed in the coming days is who Yo-kai watch And while there’s no specific mention of a new IP, referring to the second project as a «completely new RPG» suggests it might be a new franchise.

Another clue that seems to suggest Level 5 is working on a new series is that an image has also been shared in job postings featuring various concept arts from an apparently unannounced title.

Interestingly, all of these images share a fantasy and futuristic design that was not used in their previous games, and the characters seem to be very strange animals. If the images are related to the project, we will be talking about a new IP address.

We leave you with the image below.

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Image: Level 5
Image: Level 5

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