Live PS Vita; The popular roguelike device hits the Sony laptop

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The roguelike genre never goes out of style, and today one of the most anticipated and interesting games for PlayStation has appeared, Whipringer. The funny thing is that it is not only available for PlayStation 4 but can also play on PS Vita.

Whipburger It is a roguelike platformer that can be played since late 2020 on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox Game Pass. The game has received great reviews from the press and players.

Some of the characteristics that distinguish Whipburger It’s fluid control, air combat, pixel art and an exciting soundtrack by the same director as the others Downwell s Proforce.

The story follows Kyhra, who will have to discover the secrets of a monolith that threatens to destroy her world. Accompanied by a combat drone, the protagonist will have to shoot and fight deep in the dungeon, where you’ll encounter majestic bosses, ancient machines and hidden secrets left by past explorers.

Unlike the great foundations of this genre like Binding of Isaac, On Whipburger There is no rollback. Gameplay has been described as a combination of Dead cells s Celeste.

If you are a collector of physical games, we’ve got great news for you since then Whipburger It will have a physical release very soon, although it will be available on a limited basis. The physical game will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and you can book it through PlayAsia. This edition will contain a print run of only 2000 copies and will include the soundtrack, guide, and collectible keychain.

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