Looks like Remedy is preparing to re-master Alan Wake

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Remedy Entertainment, studio control s Alan WakeHe works on several projects that are still obscure at the moment. We know that the developer has at least 2 games that will be possible thanks to Epic Games, which will be responsible for their financing.

Everything indicates that Remedy has plans to return to one of its titles beloved by players. We tell you this since a guide about the release of a new version of Alan Wake.

Specifically, it will be a remastering of the original 2010 title. The game will at least launch on PC and debut through the Epic Games Store.

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Remastering Alan Wake coming?

As of this writing, Remedy Entertainment has not commented or confirmed the development of a new version of Alan Wake. However, Epic Games Data, a site that provides information on upcoming releases from the Epic Store, has listed a re-mastering of the game.

The game appeared in the database with the code name hairstyling. At the time of his history exploration, the Cloud Save section was accessed, where the name Alan Wake Remastered.

Releasing an improved version of the original title makes sense, especially since Remedy is working on a sequel thanks to funding from Epic Games. On the other hand, the 10-year anniversary of the franchise was recently celebrated.

As mentioned, nothing is confirmed at the moment, so we will have to wait for Remedy or Epic to confirm or deny the information that has been shown in the database.

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Alan Wake It’s available for Xbox 360 and PC, plus it can be played on existing consoles thanks to the backwards compatibility program. Go to this page to find out more about it.


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