Lost Judgment shares a great introduction and title track

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One of the most anticipated games of this year is lost judgment, announced by SEGA and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio last May, that will be a direct sequel to the spin-off film starring Takayuki Yagami. There is little left to launch the title and a new video has been shared that shows us the introduction and introduces its main theme.

In this material we can see the impressive work of those responsible for the project, who assume the tone and graphics obtained thanks to the capabilities of the new generation consoles

Here you can:

As you can observe and listen, the video shows the song Element, by jon-YAKITORY (in association with Ado), which will be the main theme of the title and will surely add a special touch to everything we meet in this new adventure.

It is worth noting that lost judgment You’ll feature a new style of martial arts, new research tools, and all the items you loved from the first game that sold over a million copies worldwide.

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Regarding his story, we will meet again with Detective Yagami and his partner Masaharu Kaito, who will face a new and complex case with a practically perfect crime.

lost judgment It will be available on September 24th on PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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