Lots of indie games from itch.io are coming to the Epic Games Store

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If you are a fan of indie games, chances are you have visited itch.io. On more than one occasion. This platform hosts hundreds of independent projects that range from innovative to outlandish. Now, many of these games will have more access, thanks to itch.io’s access to the Epic Games Store.

Itch.io will be available on the Epic Games Store as a standalone app soon. By downloading it, you will get access to more than 200,000 games available on this indie gaming platform.

With the above, Epic Games users will get an amazing number of games that they can buy and download. On their part, the developers will have the opportunity to access a market of more than 30 million daily users.

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“Itch.io is a collection of the most unique, interesting and independent freelance creations you will find on the Internet. He explained that bringing itch.io to the Epic Games Store will give us the opportunity to expand the audience who can discover this variety of independent works that we host.

On itch.io, the developers show their games and the buyers can choose which percentage of the sale goes to the store. Once itch.io is available on the Epic Games Store, things will continue to work this way and Epic Games will not receive a percentage of sales.

Itch.io and its huge library of games hit the Epic Games Store today.

How was this alliance like? Did you expect to see an initiative like this? Tell us in the comments.

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