Magic: Legends has been canceled and will shut down its servers in October

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There is no doubt that video game development is not easy and there are many things that can go wrong. Sometimes projects never see the light of day, which is unfortunate but very common. Unfortunately, Magic: Legends, a promising RPG inspired by the arcade game Magic: The GatheringHe will be joining this list very soon.

Steve Ricosa, Executive Producer of Magic: Legends, confirmed in a statement that the servers will close their doors on October 31. This news felt like a bucket of cold water for fans, as it must be remembered that only at the end of March the open beta of this RPG began.

Players can still enter the title and enjoy everything it has to offer until the servers crash. Of course, the Premium Store will no longer be available, although all items can still be purchased with free in-game currency.

“Our vision for Magic: Myths was far from reality, but we are proud of what we have accomplished (…) We have learned many valuable lessons along the way and will use them to advance future development efforts,” Steve Recosa said in the statement.

Players who invested their money in Magic: Legends will be refunded

Of course, one of the biggest doubts and fears for players is what will happen to the money they have invested in the title. Fortunately, Cryptic Studios has confirmed that there will be a refund for everyone.

For players who have used credit cards through the Arc Games platform, refunds will be automatically applied to the respective credit card within the 4 week period.

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On the other hand, users who have used prepaid cards will get their money back in their Arc Games accounts, while they will also get a $10 bonus that they can use in other games on the platform. Finally, players who have made purchases from the Epic Games Store will also get a refund, a process that will take about 4 weeks.

Finally, we must remember that the open beta version of الإصدار Magic: Legends Available for PC via the Epic Games Store. In the studio’s original plans, free-to-play was going to hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam sometime in 2021. Unfortunately, it looks like the above will never happen.

But tell us, have you tested the beta version of Magic: Legends? Do you think it has potential? Let’s read to you in the comments.

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