Mario Golf: Super Rush review

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Golf is not the most popular sport. There are those who go through the terrible trauma of having to accompany their father to an 18-hole match, while for others it is just plain psychedelic. No matter which side you are on, you can agree that Camelot Software Planning has found a way to make it magical and fun السحر Mario Golf For Nintendo 64.

It’s been 22 years since Mario and his company took sticks to teach many kids that getting a positive result isn’t a sign of victory in all sports. In that period, the concept of golf changed a bit and many were still waiting for Mushroom Kingdom friends to make it fun again.

now with Mario Golf: Super RushCamelot has returned to meet the demands of the masses, but has this been achieved? The answer is no, but let us tell you why.

Mario, Luigi and their friends return to the Green Zone المنطقة

Like previous installments in the series, Mario Golf: Super Rush It is a golf game starring Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and their companions. You don’t need to be a franchise expert to guess that the trend of the series is to move away from golf simulators to a product that allows anyone to enjoy a little game without breaking their heads. His motto is to make golf easy and accessible, something he achieves more than that because he manages to be really easy to understand without having to weaken the mechanics of the game. In fact, for the Mario sports game, Mario Golf: Super Rush It is surprisingly deep.

When we think of casual sports experiences, it is only natural that our minds are filled with examples where the complexity of competition is underestimated. As you know: remove everything that makes elite fencing sport to replace it with simple mechanics that anyone can have fun with. This is all well and good, but best when developers seek to take the essence of the discipline into something that is easy to understand, but hard to master. This was exactly what Camelot accomplished Mario Golf: Super Rush.

Instead of being content with just letting yourself point in the direction you want and then pressing a button to select power and go, Camelot has added several things to consider when playing. Mario Golf: Super Rush. From basic elements such as seeing the direction and strength of the air, to the ability to give effect to your shot to be able to avoid various obstacles. It might sound easy, but it’s items that add so many options and make you have to take a lot of things into consideration before taking the shot. Thanks to this, Mario Golf: Super Rush It has a certain level of challenge if you really want to hit every hole perfectly, but at the same time is easily accessible for those who are happy to have multiple Par and the occasional Bogey.

«His motto is to make golf easy and accessible, something he does more than anything else.»

Grandma main Mario Golf: Super Rush He is trying to make golf more than just hitting the ball in the hole with the fewest number of strokes possible. In some game formats (such as Fast Golf and Cross Country Golf), you will also have to move by sprinting to where your ball landed in order to hit it again. The idea is that you also have to compete against other players in a race and the elements of the field become obstacles that force you to think about paths and strategies. It’s a good mechanism conceptually, but I consider it deficient when it comes to contributing something really interesting. Although when you play with friends this part of the action can lead to chaotic situations, their contribution does not go much further. When you’re playing alone or against the AI, it just makes the transition from one shot to the next more natural rather than a hard cut. Maybe adding some kind of power-up or more creative hurdles together would be a great idea, but it’s only fun because it lets you chop up your friends’ ribs to annoy them.

It is accessible, but not everyone will become an expert
It is accessible, but not everyone will become an expert

Another new mode is Golf Battle. It is a game format designed as one of the star multiplayer modes Super Rush. You will compete against other players in an arena with 9 holes at the same time. The winner will be the first to get 3 holes, so quickly plan the holes they will try to get while avoiding the dangers and obstacles of the ring. It’s an ideal way to play with others because it’s accessible, fast and frantic. Sadly they only have 2 courses available and it would have been nice to have a little more variety to make it more enjoyable.

The modes you mentioned can be enjoyed in online matches. Playing the game online turned out to be somewhat mixed. What I liked was that I had a lag-free experience even though my adapter was connected wirelessly and my competitor didn’t have the best internet connection. What I didn’t like is that their choices are strict and outdated. The only way to find a game is to create one and wait for someone to join or find a game using its powerful search tool. In my opinion, it needed some kind of automatic matchmaking for quick games, and even some kind of tournament or competitive modes. In the current situation, there is no reason to play online unless you organize with friends.

«This is a campaign that does little to creatively exploit the mechanisms.»

In addition to these styles, Camelot has tried to return to its glories Mario Golf For Game Boy Color restores its story mode. In case you didn’t know, the classic campaign type mobile game features light RPG elements that have conquered many. Unfortunately, the result of the simple story mode this time remains a must in every section. For starters, it has a story whose characters get lost and most of the time the only conflict is that some fields are down and you have to hang around something else as it gets fixed. Things get a lot more interesting after that, but I won’t go into details to avoid spoilers. I’ll just tell you that you shouldn’t expect anything great either and the only attraction is seeing characters from the Mushroom Kingdom in another context.

Now if we think of it as a sports game and Mario, does it really need a deep narrative? No. However, it must have a reason for you to play it. Neither the story nor the game system is. It’s a 7-9 hour campaign that does little to creatively exploit the mechanics or add something to keep you addicted. In the long run, it feels like a glorified tutorial that flashes just a few times with little modes or games going as fast as they come. It’s baffling that near the end of the adventure you unlock a type of shot that would have served you in the kind of golf you only play at the beginning of the campaign. Looks like they forgot to design a meaningful story mode and just made the bare minimum to be able to sell Mario Golf: Super Rush With a single player experience.

You can improve your characters' stats شخصيات
You can improve your characters’ stats شخصيات

sum, Mario Golf: Super Rush It has 6 golf courses with 18 holes each. Added to these scenarios are the special arenas in which Golf Battle games are played. As you can imagine, levels take you to places ranging from traditional golf courses, through deserts, through woods and even Bowser Castle. They are beautiful places, but they have untapped potential. When I think of Mario Golf I hope that IP is used to its fullest to create scenarios that are full of charisma as well as being fun. On Super Rush, most golf courses hardly make use of the elements super mario bros, They come down to obstacles or decorations. There is no magic or creativity. It’s just a Nintendo-look golf game.

In the topic of the presentation there is not much to highlight Mario Golf: Super Rush. Visually, the game progresses, the character models are well done, while the important textures are only well done. It’s by no means a great game and there are other Mario games that look better, but their quality is just right. On the other hand, the soundtrack can be forgotten outside of its main theme that adequately captures the sobriety and grandeur of a golf tournament.

Mario Golf: Super Rush in pictures

Golf over Mario; Super rush over

Mario Golf: Super Rush at a strange point. It is a game that has a solid foundation and thanks to which it offers a powerful and enjoyable golf experience. Unfortunately, that’s the only point he really makes that in everything else Camelot seems to have settled on offering the bare minimum. Ultimately this results in a product that isn’t terrible, but lacks content and charisma, as well as a direction that I find inappropriate for the series.

It’s as if Camelot focused only on offering simple golf and simply used the magic of the Mushroom Kingdom as clothing rather than as a way to offer a unique sporting experience. On the other hand, the lack of content gives the feeling that they rushed to get something, without working on it long enough to make a great product, as its name promises.

At least a little hope remains. Mario Tennis Aces It first appeared in a very poor condition and thanks to various updates it has become a much more powerful package. With this in mind and the promise of future support, it could happen within 12 months Mario Golf: Super Rush be a much better game. Unfortunately, one of my skills is not seeing the future, so I don’t know what it will look like next. What I can say is that as of today it is a product that leaves a lot to be desired in several departments.

Bottom line: at the moment I find it difficult to recommend Mario Golf: Super Rush. Although the game has interesting ideas and a good foundation, the truth is that the game failed to get mid-range attention. In case you feel like a Mario Golf I would first recommend you to take out the 3DS to play mario golf world tour Or even dust up a GameCube to assemble a challenge Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour.

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