Mass Effect Legendary Edition: mod relives controversial Miranda scenes

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Legendary Edition Mass Effect, the collection that includes a remastered original trilogy, debuted in May and has been admired by players and the professional press. However, the modification of some controversial but iconic scenes from Mass Effect 2 s 3 . mass effect It displeased a section of the fans, which is why the moderate society worked to rectify this situation.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition It was born with the goal of bringing the original Mass Effect trilogy to modernity in a technical and visual sense, but also to adapt the experience to the way society thinks today. For the same reason, BioWare corrected improper camera angles and tasteless focusing on Miranda’s body.

While these changes don’t affect the story or the overall experience of the trilogy, some fans simply want the enhanced version to be as true to the original work as possible, so it was only a matter of time before mods that bring back camera angles appeared.

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They created a mod that restores the original camera footage of Mass Effect

Specifically, user linkenski has been tasked with creating a mod that restores the original camera angles in the second and third installment of mass effectSo, controversial scenes focusing on Miranda’s body are back. This project is available on Nexus Mods and quickly grabbed the attention of the community with nearly 956 downloads.

While these camera shots are quite cliched and out of place, especially given the context of the scenes, it is undeniable that they quickly became a meme among the community, so the changes Legendary Edition It made fans accuse BioWare of censoring their work.

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But tell us, do you think BioWare made the right decision to patch up the set’s Miranda scenes? Let’s read to you in the comments.

Legendary Edition Mass Effect Available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can read more news about this remodeled group by clicking on this link.


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