Meet Sally, the indie game inspired by Studio Ghibli’s Moving Castle

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We get interesting information about a new indie game, developed by Lucid Tales, which has attracted a lot of attention due to its resemblance to Howl’s Castle From Studio Ghibli.

The game in question is about Sally, a promising title based in its appearance on the popular Japanese film and also inspired by some video game franchises such as those in animal crossing.

Here you can see his teaser:

On Sally You will put yourself in the shoes of a young child who will be part of the crew (of young children) of the floating ship, an aircraft that will be controlled by two grandmothers, Alice and Beatrix, and where the task will be to carry the passengers to their destination.

In terms of gameplay, your character will have to ensure the success of the ship, for this he will perform various tasks such as making items, cooking food, taking care of other crew members, cleaning the ship and discovering other ways to improve the travel experience.

Additionally, in a video shared along with the teaser, the game’s officials commented that they want to create a world in which players are interested in experiencing AI interactions and discovering their characters.

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Finally, its enormous resemblance to Howl’s Castle It is no coincidence, as its creators admit that it was a complete intent, and even cited other games they were inspired by, such as Final Fantasy IXAnd the The Sims 3And the Stardu Valley And of course, animal crossing, among other things.

At the moment, no further details are known التعرف Sally And we’ll have to wait for its release date and what platforms it will reach, information that we’ll share in due course.

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