Meet the warriors who will appear at the crossroads of Senran Kagura and Neptunia

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A few weeks ago Marvelous was announced and more companies are working on it Senran Nin Ninja Tyson Neptune: Shoujo-tachi no kyoen, A cross that unites worlds Neptunia s Senran Kagura. While we were able to look at the gameplay, we didn’t know much about the story or the characters, but there’s good news, as the details of this new project have been revealed.

The game’s official page has just appeared, which will be powered by Marvelous, Compile Heart, Idea Factory, Tamsoft and Acquire, where more information about the story, the world of ninjas, characters, game versions and pricing is shared.

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If you are interested in this project, you should first know that in Ninja Game World, the struggle for dominance between the powers of each region has reached Konba (a specialist in driving technique) and Hanipa (a specialist in medium-motion ninjutsu).

Suddenly, the power of an army of ninja robots grew and he decreed the initiation of the superhero ninja war to decide which school was the strongest, Hatunokuni Nation School (Konpa School) or Mabikoku Nation School (Haneba School).

Meet Ninja Warriors

The game was actually expected to have 8 characters to choose from, but we didn’t know them deeply. Within this selection there will be 4 of NeptuniaPurple Heart, Black Heart, White Heart, and Green Heart (the specialized fighting forms of Neptune, Noir, Planck and Vire, respectively) will be part of the Konpa School. The opposite school, Hanipa, will feature shinobi from Senran Kagura Asuka, Homura, Miyabi and the famous Yumi.

Additionally, she was revealed to Yuuki, from Buinokuni District (Baacha School). Usually a shinobi is calm, but loses her cool when the princess gets involved.

This is how the fighters cross Neptunia s Senran Kagura

It was also used to report the game being sold in two editions, the Standard Edition, which would cost 8,360 JPY (approximately $ 77 USD), and NEP NEP Shinobi Mo Fund, Which will include a copy of the game, a Tsunako x Nan Yaegashi box, a full-color book, and an audio CD for 11,660 JPY (approximately $ 108). Those who request an advance copy will also receive a commemorative card and letter with an illustration and a code to download 8 character costumes, according to information from Jimatsu.

Unfortunately, as we told you a few weeks ago, Senran Nin Ninja Tyson Neptune: Shoujo-tachi no kyoen It’s still confirmed only for Japan, so we don’t know if it will also be released in the West. It will debut on Japanese soil on August 26, 2021 and will only arrive on PlayStation 4. Marvelous has not shared a new trailer, but we are leaving you with a fresh show.

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Senran Nin Ninja Tyson Neptune: Shoujo-tachi no kyoen It will be on sale on PlayStation 4 and exclusively for Japan on August 26 and will also be possible to play on PlayStation 5 with backward compatibility. You can find more news related to Neptunia s Senran Kagura If you click their names.

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