Metroid Dread: Distributors grab a special edition and amiibo title

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Announcement Metroid dread Many players have been delighted who have waited nearly two decades for a fresh batch of mainline. The title is real and this year it will arrive with a stunning special edition that will arrive in America.

Unfortunately, some players had difficulty pre-ordering their game and amiibo for this installment. Reason? Sellers are doing their job again. That’s right, the special edition and the numbers Metroid dread They are already sold out in some regions and there are people who are offering products at exorbitant prices in online stores.

As you can imagine, this has caused inconvenience to players who have struggled to get their collectibles at the official price.

Sellers have already done the thing with Metroid dread

Everything indicates that sellers have already stocked a large amount of special editions and amiibo packages from Metroid dread. We tell you this because some items are at exorbitant prices in online stores such as eBay.

This happens in both America and Europe, so getting the special edition in the future can be tricky. There are versions that are offered for up to $229, which is 4,744 Mexican pesos.

To put this in perspective, the collectible price with the game and some other items is currently $89.99. In other regions, the Special Edition fetches a price of £165, which equates to 4,720 Mexican pesos at the current exchange rate.

For its part, the amiibo package runs into figures of up to $70 on eBay and other stores. Chains like Target have already sold out presales of both products and it seems like everything was the work of hoarders.

Unfortunately, this situation seems to be repeated with all the popular products arriving in the future, just as it did with the next generation consoles. So, we invite you to check out all the E3 2021 games that you can already customize on Amazon.

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Metroid dread It will arrive on October 8th exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. You can learn more about the address on this page.


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