Metroid Dread will not be a horror, but Samus will always be hunted

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The reveal was one of the best past Nintendo Direct announcements Metroid dreadThe new installment of the franchise coming out this year for the Nintendo Switch. The impact of the project was great for fans, and game producer Yoshio Sakamoto talked about what to expect.

Metroid dread It is a new installment in the saga and puts us in the fifth of its original 2D games. It is worth noting that this game was planned before the announcement of this game, believe it or not Metroid Prime 4 To find out more about him, Sakamoto spoke at last E3 2021 and shared more details about him:

«By the time we came up with the idea (15 years ago), the hardware wasn’t there, the technology concepts weren’t working within our vision, so we had to put it on hold.»

The game maker mentioned it The return of SamosIt was a test to see if this could be done fear:

«With The return of SamosWe got together with Mercury Steam Entertainment to make this game. The reason I met them was with the hope that they could realize the concepts I have for them Metroid dread«.

But why the dread? Sakamoto also explained the reason for this name and the atmosphere that is seen in this new metroid:

«From our point of view, this is not a game part of the horror genre. It’s really about Samus dealing with fear, but actually opposing, fighting and overcoming that fear. And that part is important.»

Additionally, the aforementioned creative design EMMI, Samus’ hunting robotic entity in the game:

«I wanted to create something that was troubling to players and also conveyed the kind of cruelty that is inherent in something robotic. Also, the fact that his presence only haunts Samos.»

¿Metroid dread will be the end metroid?

Finally, when asked if Metroid dread Sakamoto said it was the end of the original Samus story, and there’s still more to come:

«Story of the metroid Up to this point, he has dealt with the strange fate of Samos who has coalesced around this named Metroid. So far this has been the focus of the series. But what this game represents is a hiatus, or kind of a fresh start for something else. Nobody wants the series to end metroidWe know that. We don’t want that either: We want people to know there’s some kind of new episode waiting in the works. And we want you to look forward to what we’ll do next, but there are no concrete details at the moment.»

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