Microsoft Flight Simulator will take up a lot of space on Xbox Series X | S.

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There are only a few weeks left before Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S users can take to the skies Microsoft Flight Simulator, a title that first appeared on PC only. PC gamers struggled a bit with installing the game, as it required a lot of hard drive space.

In fact, Asobo Studio recently updated the simulation on PC to reduce its weight. The game has already reached 170 GB, but after the update it is now less than 100 GB, specifically 83 GB. For this reason, console users are wondering if the sim affects both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

We recommend setting up your console if you plan to give it a go Microsoft Flight SimulatorIt has been confirmed that the game will take up a lot of space on your SSD drive.

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how much will you weigh Microsoft Flight Simulator en Xbox Series X | S?

Information about the space you will occupy has appeared recently Microsoft Flight Simulator on next generation consoles. While the game won’t hit 100GB like it does on PC, it’s not far from that number.

Xbox Game Pass users have been able to access interesting details about the simulator from their console store. This is since they found out that the standard version of Microsoft Flight Simulator It will weigh more than 90GB on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

To be exact, the simulator will initially occupy 97.1 GB of space on your SSD drive. Keep in mind that this is a prime number, so the game will definitely exceed 100 GB as updates and new content arrive.

This shouldn’t worry you too much if you have an Xbox Series X or an expansion card; However, for Xbox Series S users this could be an issue due to console storage.

Fortunately, Microsoft is already planning to find an alternative to avoid space issues when installing Microsoft Flight Simulator And even being able to play it on Xbox One. This will be possible thanks to the access of Xbox Cloud Gaming to consoles, which will allow gamers to enjoy the emulator via live broadcasts and without having to install it.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Now available for PC. It will debut on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on July 27. Find all the news related to the emulator at this link.


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