Microsoft says Xbox growth in Japan is ‘extraordinary’

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Japan has never been a major market for Xbox, but Sony and Nintendo have always dominated it. However, Microsoft has not given up on Xbox, and signs are beginning to emerge that the company could gain a lot of fame in the region.

As we have told you on numerous occasions, Xbox wants to captivate the Japanese audience and has made multiple attempts to do so.

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This may take a long time, but efforts are already showing up, with Xbox confirming that in the past 12 months, the growth of the console and PC business has been «exceptional».

“They are new people coming into our ecosystem, they are people who sign up for Game Pass, they are people who buy accessories or games on PC. They are people who buy accessories or games on PC. Jeremy Hinton, head of Asia business at Xbox said in an interview with IGN.

Xbox gets support from the Japanese Indies like never before

The manager noted that there is a «really high percentage» of people who have just bought an Xbox console for the first time in their lives and that demand is so high that stock runs out within minutes of restocking.

The fact that there are not many Japanese development studios on the Xbox does not mean that the company does not receive developer support in the region.

In fact, Hinton mentions that he’s never seen so much support from independent developers, something that will definitely help Japanese audiences to consider buying a system from the Xbox ecosystem.

“I think there are more groups of indie developers in Japan than ever before, and there are a lot of talent and a growing indie scene in Japan,” Hinton said.

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