MLB The Show 21 performs better on PlayStation 5 compared to Xbox Series X.

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MLB Show 21 It debuted and attracted attention as it is the first game developed by PlayStation studio to convert into Xbox consoles. Well, even though this title is already available on the most powerful console on the market, it works even better on PlayStation 5.

This was confirmed by Digital Foundry after conducting a technical analysis of the game on the various platforms on which it is available.

According to the information, the title developed by SIE San Diego slightly outperforms PlayStation 5 on next-generation consoles with a «clear frame per second advantage» that can be lowered on both devices during tough situations.

Although the title on both consoles only works in closed fas at 60fps per sync and the resolution is 2160p with «essentially identical» graphics, on the PlayStation 5 it is much closer, whereas on Xbox Series X there is Little instability and in difficult situations (movie scenes) there can be a difference of up to 11 frames per second between both controllers (via Chronicle Video Games).

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Why MLB Show 21 Works better on PlayStation 5?

Many might imagine that Sony studio game works best on PlayStation consoles to benefit the Sony ecosystem, but the reality could be very different.

As Digital Foundry editor Richard Leadbetter points out, the slight difference may be due to PlayStation-focused development, as we remember that SIE San Diego used Sony’s engine and tools, regardless of the fact that we are «at the beginning of the generation and immature gadget development, especially on the part of Microsoft».

Also, you should know that in the case of the past generation, MLB Show 21 It plays best on the Xbox console, specifically the Xbox One X, which outdid the PlayStation Pro, which means SIE San Diego has gone to great lengths with the mods, according to Digital Foundry.

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