Monster Hunter 2 Stories – Monster’s Behavior Will Not Be Random Anymore

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Next July 9 will arrive Monster Hunter 2: Wings of Ruin قصص Stories For Nintendo Switch and PC. Due to its close release, its directors keep sharing details that promise to deliver a better experience in this game than the first. One of them was the assurance that monsters would no longer have random behavior.

New information shared about this Capcom sequel has been revealed in the latest post from Famitsu Weekly, where an interview was conducted with the development team Monster Hunter 2: Wings of Ruin قصص Stories, where they detailed the main differences between the sequel and the first title.

It was the director Kenji Ogoro who stated that the random behavior of the monsters was not popular with her fans monster hunter stories, so it was decided to delete this item completely.

Thanks to this decision, each monster will now have a behavior pattern that allows players to more comfortably predict and counter the creature’s attacks.

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According to Ogoro, Monster Hunter 2: Wings of Ruin قصص Stories It was created to be easily accessible by a wide audience, so the game will allow its users to complete it with starting monsters if they wish.

Finally, the developer stated that while this sequel will include monsters with unique strengths, weaknesses, and genetic abilities, there won’t be much difference in terms of their overall abilities.

Monster Hunter 2: Wings of Ruin قصص Stories It will arrive on Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) on July 9.

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