New Borderlands and Diablo Game Coming to PC

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If you like isometric view like RPGs Diablo Or the style of comedy and visuals Borderlands We have good news for you, okay space villains, a game that combines these elements, will be released for PC.

The announcement came in the form of a trailer as part of the event IGN Summer of Gaming 2021. In this video, we can get acquainted with the four main characters of the game: Duke, a man from space who will remind you a lot of epic Borderlands; The Crazy One, a pig-man holding a pair of futuristic weapons; Smart One, an alien with the ability to teleport and penetrate enemies without inflicting damage; And frightening, a woman with claws.

every letter in space villains He will have a variety of abilities and will be able to attack melee or with long range weapons.

We leave you the trailer space villains and then:

space villains Developed by Flying Wild Hog, as the makers of the game Shadow Warrior, and will be published by Jagex, better known as runescape. However, there is no release date or release window yet.

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