Night Call developer highlights how important Xbox Game Pass is to the game

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Since its launch, much has been said – or questioned – about the Xbox Game Pass model and the impact it could have on the industry. So far, the Xbox Game Service continues to rise, and at least for AA and in-games it’s been a great show, since those big productions that don’t need to be seen. A developer recently wrote about his experience with Game Pass and how important his game is.

Xbox Game Pass was the best choice for advertising night call

Through a post on his official Twitter account, Anthony Junod, creator of the indie night call A graphic adventure titled Noire, has revealed his experience with Game Pass now that the game is leaving the service after two years. According to Creativity, he has nothing but thanks for Xbox Game Pass, as the service was so important to highlight night call She is considered to have promoted it for two years. Similarly, Jauneaud confirmed that the thing I love about Game Pass is that it showed the strange suggestion of night call For many players around the world.

Apparently, the experience of this type of game on Xbox Game Pass has been positive, as it cannot be ignored that the scale of the industry is quite large and it is easy for a game without a solid name to get lost in it. Sea of ​​many games. Hence, part of the value of the Xbox Game Pass is an offer for titles like night callBecause it’s part of a limited catalog for easy access and review, players are more likely to know the proposal.

What do you think of Xbox Game Pass? Will the service affect or benefit video games?

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