Ninja, the Fortnite Streamer, will be a playable character in this RPG

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Having emerged in important esports competitions, Tyler «Ninja» Blevins rose to fame thanks to the combinations It is an electronic game, Battle Royale from Epic Games, who became a playable character thanks to a skin from the Idol series.

The player’s popularity has not diminished, allowing him to make more deals and collaborate with several development studios. Ninja recently signed a deal with Plarium Global to become a playable RPG character.

refer to Raid: Shadow LegendsThe game is available for PC and mobile. Ninja will soon become one of the heroes of the game, joining the RPG battles thanks to the free update.

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This is how Ninja would look as a character in Raid: Shadow Legends

Ninja claimed that he is excited to be part of the world and roster of heroes Raid: Shadow Legends. The player will join the RPG as a playable character on July 16, which is the day the title will receive an update.

Your character will be available for free to the community Raid: Shadow Legends for 3 months. Ninja will talk about his character in a special broadcast on July 19. Fans of the title will be able to learn more about the history, design and abilities of the new hero.

“I am so excited to introduce you to my fans raid My hero, who is designed to be what I’ve always imagined myself to be in an RPG. As fans know, I love the genre, and seeing myself as a fictional character with my combination of special abilities and traits is incredible,” said Ninja.

The ninja has prepared himself in several training sessions to capture the new character’s moves. He also collaborated with the studio to design the warrior, which shows him in armor and various fantasy items. Below you can see Ninja as a character from Raid: Shadow Legends.

“Ninja is not only a great addition to our champions due to his positive impact on the gaming industry; he possesses his unique skills and special attacks that will be a great asset to any player’s roster,” said Noam Sage, Director of Plarium Global. marketing manager.

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Raid: Shadow Legends Available for computers and mobile devices. In this link you will find more news related to Ninja.


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