Ninjala: Season 6 has already started; Get ready for the anniversary with free Jala

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Nearly one year after its release, Ningala He still has a very large number of players. Today, June 17, season 6 kicks off with a wealth of content, and GungHo Online Entertainment has shared that they are already preparing for several surprises to celebrate the anniversary.

The new season will have the Heroes and Villains theme and will be available from today until September 9th. As part of this update, a new level has been added which is Wadi Sphinx, which features an ancient Egyptian design.

You should know that there will also be more new content, such as Extreme Motors and DJ Scratch gumballs, as well as body paint, new Shinobi cards, Shinobi Shop and Ninjala Pass Mini. Also, some modifications have been made to gumball guns and overall gameplay experience.

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Imagine: GungHo Online Entertainment
Imagine: GungHo Online Entertainment

Ningala She will celebrate her birthday soon قريبا

Ningala In the coming weeks, it will be one year since the premiere, so the anniversary campaign has already begun.

The festivities will include a new base design and Gumchi during the remembrance period. In addition, GungHo Online Entertainment will give away 1,000 jala, but hurry up and sign in to get this gift because it will only be available until July 8.

Over the past year, GungHo Online Entertainment has given out a total of 2,400 gala, so with this new gift you will have already collected 3,400 gala if you get the old rewards. To give you an idea of ​​how much it is, it will be enough to get 3 Ninjala Pass and you will only need 200 draws for a 4th pass, which is incredible.

There will also be a promotion that cuts the two decks of downloadable content from $9.99 to $0.99 each, so it would be a perfect opportunity to get it.

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Imagine: GungHo Online Entertainment
Imagine: GungHo Online Entertainment

‘Huge cooperation’ is on the way to Ningala

GungHo Online Entertainment has shared their plans for the next few months, and most surprisingly, a «big collaboration» is in the pipeline, but no further details have been provided. A major collaboration is expected earlier (in July), with new items, and «Bigger» will be available at the end of August along with a new tournament.

To wait, you should know that a new Ninjala Pass Matsuri and brutal fighting Ninjala Striker has also been announced, which will be available from June 26-28, July 3-5 and July 10-20. We leave you with the Season 6 trailer below and plans for the next months.

Imagine: GungHo Online Entertainment
Imagine: GungHo Online Entertainment

What do you think of all the news of season 6 of Ningala? Will you participate in the anniversary events? Tell us in the comments.

Ningala Available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. You can find more news about it if you visit this page.

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