Nintendo responds to a boy who wrote to him asking for non-binary Pokemonيمون

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We have a strange story related to Pokemon It was released on Twitter. Apparently a kid wrote to Nintendo to ask them to create a non-binary Pokémon.

It is normal for fans of the Japanese company to write their requests and thanks to Nintendo by mail, what is not normal is that they receive a response. However, this boy was really lucky to receive a letter with a message about his request.

The response begins with an apology for the delay, adding that they will consider the possibility. Here you can see the message:

“We want to make sure that people of all shades feel welcome and comfortable while playing our games. I will forward the comments to the relevant departments for their review and study carefully,” you can read the message.

Although the above tweet was posted, many users of the platform did not believe the father of the child, and shortly thereafter the message sent to Nintendo was published as well:

“Dear Nintendo, can you make a non-binary Pokemon? I also want to because I think it would be cool and so more non-binary people would feel more comfortable,” the boy wrote.

It is worth noting that the franchise already has Pokemon Change binaries like Ditto and Mew, among many others. However, we are faced with a strange story and it is worth noting that Nintendo continues to respond to the requests of its followers.

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