Nintendo shares falter after show at E3 2021

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Nintendo’s presentation at E3 2021 was among the highlights of E3 2021 and it’s no wonder, as the company’s announcements were interesting and there were a few surprises. However, in the financial sector, things have not been the same, and the Japanese company’s shares have fallen in the lead-up to and after the Direct Show at the most important video game event of the year.

Nintendo stock is down, but not a cause for concern

According to the information received from BloombergNintendo shares on the stock exchange saw a 6% drop, adding to their bearish performance in the last 5 business days, both before and after its presentation at E3 2021. In this sense, the absence of an announcement related to a new device, in this case a lot of Switch Pro is rumored and waiting which continues until the sequel The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, they kept investors at bay, so the stock price drop was previously thought as a prelude to a big rally if these announcements occurred, but or so and the downtrend continues.

Despite this, the price of Nintendo shares is expected to rise and will not accumulate more than days, in fact, at the time of writing this note, the shares of the Japanese company are already showing a recovery on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Japan with an increase of 1.83%.

Nintendo shares have already risen in Japan
Nintendo shares have already risen in Japan

With the downtrend collapse and the first result coming from Japan, Nintendo shares are expected to rise tomorrow from the first hour on the major stock exchanges in the world. In this regard, the report notes that the fall that has been recorded these days is nothing to worry about because Nintendo has been pulling very good results in the market as a result of the success it has achieved, and maintains, Switch, which acts as an important safeguard for the Japanese company in the financial sector.

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