Nintendo Switch OLED: Will you be able to use your old dock with your new console?

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The Nintendo Switch OLED was confirmed this morning and there are still many doubts about what this model will offer and its capabilities. One of the most common questions we encountered was whether the new dock would be compatible with the old consoles and whether we could use the original docking with the new adapter. We already have the answer.

On the official Nintendo Switch OLED Europe website, Nintendo has confirmed that the Nintendo Switch OLED will be compatible with all official Nintendo Switch docks. He also confirmed that you will be able to use your original Nintendo Switch on the new dock that will come with the Nintendo Switch OLED.

In other words: If you already have a Nintendo Switch and want to use its dock on a second TV, you can do so and connect a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch OLED to it. You can also attach the old adapter to the base of your new Nintendo console.

Of course, it is important to note that the Nintendo Switch Lite cannot be connected to any of the Nintendo Switch docks. That’s because it lacks video output and that’s something the new Nintendo Switch OLED platform cannot change.

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This is the Nintendo Switch OLED dock
This is the Nintendo Switch OLED dock

What does the new Nintendo Switch OLED platform offer?

The question now is, what is the difference between a Nintendo Switch dock and a Nintendo Switch OLED dock?
In operation, both bases are almost the same. This means that both are used to connect your console to the TV and enjoy video output up to 1080p through HDMI.

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Now, there are interesting specific differences. The first is the design as it is available in black or white and the logo is smaller. Another major difference is that the new dock loses one of its USB ports to be replaced with an Ethernet port.

And you, what do you think of the Nintendo Switch OLED? Does its sidewalk catch your eye? Tell us in the comments.

The Nintendo Switch OLED will go on sale on October 8 and will cost $349.99. You can learn more about our Nintendo Switch review by clicking here.

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