No Man’s Sky: The new update improves the visual style

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Hello Games just released the patch with update 3.5 from No Man’s Sky. The update is named تسمية prisms It offers many new features and great improvements.

One of the main methods of prisms It is a visual improvement of the game. Now many aliens would have a more realistic style for you to wear, as they all had dinosaur or insect-like textures. The environments will also look more realistic, the caves will have more life and the sky will show more stars. In addition to lighting and textures No Man’s Sky It will have major improvements.

Another important thing that comes with prisms It is the long-awaited support for DLSS, a technology that will allow more PC users to play the game in high definition without compromising performance.

Finally, visually, No Man’s Sky SSR (Screen Space Reflections) has been included on next-generation computers and consoles, which will allow the game to show more realistic light effects and reflections, especially in enclosed areas.

But there’s so much more to the visual patch that you can now make your mate for just about any life form you come across, finally including flying creatures. In addition, meteor rain and thunderstorms have become more visually complex and you can get minerals and crystals if you visit their site.

We leave you the trailer prisms and then:

Hello Games . has been updated No Man’s Sky Consistently since its launch seems to prisms Not everything will be new in this period, as surprises were recently mentioned on the game’s fifth anniversary.

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