Nostalgia for the past! Selling original Xbox signed by Korn members

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Are you ready for a strike of nostalgia? In November 2001, mute met the first Xbox, Microsoft’s direct foray into the gaming hardware market. As expected, the brand was heavily promoted and was required to connect with a North American audience immediately, after all it was thought to be a home system that would rival Japan’s greats, such as Nintendo and PlayStation. The Western world was different back then, and musical tastes still keep bands like Korn at the top. Specifically, something from that time caught the attention of fans of video games and rock groups of those times.

Xbox and Korn, memories of 20 years ago عام

report from Pure Xbox Share the discovery by a reddit user, who found a post on eBay in which the first generation Xbox console is being sold, but with details signed by Korn members at the time, i.e. Jonathan Davis, James Shaffer, Brian Welch, Feldi, and David Silveria. The console is second hand, and it has been used, but considering it’s 20 years old it seems to be in excellent condition, I see a detail or another in the slot where the disc is placed to play.

Outside of that, the console includes its original box, cables, and controller at the time, although it’s not the legendary The Duke.

Back to 2001 with the original Xbox and Korn
Back to 2001 with the original Xbox and Korn

The price of this Xbox signed by Korn members is $675 and so far it is still available to search for a new owner.

Bearing in mind the console model and band members’ signatures, this Xbox was signed sometime during the disc promotion. untouchables, although chances are also that it’s during the album cycle Take a look in the mirror.

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