Persona VI and some of the spin-offs could be advertisements for the new franchise location

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As we mentioned in a previous note, ATLUS is celebrating 25 years of existence PersonThat is why it recently launched a new website to provide news from the popular franchise. Thanks to this, we were able to find out that there will be up to 7 surprises to be announced from September of this year until fall 2022 when fans can receive new information about them. person 6.

As you surely know, Person A series of role-playing games developed by ATLUS, dealing with different characters who have the ability to summon a different side of themselves, known as people, who have wowed a huge fan base over the course of 25 years.

As a result, some important franchise announcements, such as sub-display or wanted ad, have been anticipated for a long time. person 6. Even the director and producer of Persona Team, Kazuhisa Wada, has already hinted at some exciting plans but without giving more details about it, so it looks like this Persona anniversary could be a perfect opportunity to reveal something.

According to rumors, it could be one of the announcements that will be revealed on the site Code Name: X, a mobile game inspired by it Person 5. Plus, the single-view option is high, with previous musical titles released or even battles based on their already launched games.

On the other hand, the new page also highlights that the franchise has surpassed 15 million copies sold and thanks fans for support by sharing a message:

“This epic is in September Person She will celebrate her twenty-fifth birthday. To express gratitude, we prepare for a number of celebrations for a year. Products, events, gaming news, and more will be shown at that time. «

We’ll have to wait to see what will be all announced from September, the date when fans of the franchise will receive very good news, which we will bring to you for the time being.

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