Phil Spencer: Buying studios brings industrial profits

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Both Microsoft and Sony have been criticized for their recent studio purchases. Many question whether acquisitions, whether from large or independent studios, are affecting or helping the growth of the industry as a whole.

There’s no better person to talk about than Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, who announced a few months ago the purchase of ZeniMax and its studies by Microsoft. From the manager’s point of view, buying is good for the industry, so he decided to explain his point of view.

On the other hand, take the opportunity to congratulate Sony on its recent purchase of several studios in recent months, including Insomniac Games and Housemarque.

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This is Phil Spencer’s opinion on buying studios

The head of Xbox believes that the studio purchase reflects the health of the industry. He also stressed that it is a common practice and that it helps above all independent studios who find funding and support to create their projects.

“Sometimes I see dialogue in the industry about, ‘Well, are acquisitions good or bad? «I’ve seen that Sony just announced two acquisitions, and I congratulate those teams for that, and I understand part of the community’s feelings about whether it’s a good or bad thing when there are acquisitions,» Spencer said.

Spencer talked about the high risks that exist in the industry and how difficult it is to find a new developer, because it involves high expenses and a lot of time to build it. For this reason, it makes perfect sense to get small teams out to large companies that already have a niche in the market.

The Xbox boss sees opportunities in every new team that forms and is willing to take risks to establish himself in the industry. However, he knows that not all companies have to be ready to sell, especially after years of work to be recognized by the players.

Spencer added, «This doesn’t mean every team ends up selling their studio, but I think it’s a natural and healthy part of our industry for certain teams to start a studio…to get to the point of creating real value.»

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