Phil Spencer says Xbox is investing in risky new games

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We all know that Phil Spencer is primarily responsible for everything that happens with Xbox, as well as being someone who loves to communicate with the media and with his followers. Thanks to this, he always shares a new statement about what his team has done or will do in the future. On this occasion, he talked about the risks that its developers face with new games.

Uncle Phil commented on this and other points of interest in a recent meeting with the mediator. Watchman, where he said that they from Xbox are actively investing in new and risky games so that they do not stop surprising gamers on their consoles.

During the interview, Spencer explained that Xbox is still considering developing AAA games dedicated to the single-player narrative:

“I think we’re probably building more of these (games) now than ever before in Xbox history. Platform owners, whether it’s a subscription, device, or store, are actively investing in the new and possibly more serious stuff, because if it works, we get value by bringing players into the ecosystem,” said Phil Spencer.

On the other hand, he also talked about the possibility of letting players try out titles that are still in development:

“When we can stream to any device, computer or mobile phone, we can really see how we do more of these kinds of early access experiences, even as a funding model for creators. I think it can open up a closer relationship between the creator and the consumer. The creators are Our big focus at the moment,» the Xbox boss said.

According to Phil Spencer, Xbox is going through its best moments and is confident that Xbox Series X/S performance will continue to grow exponentially, so it continues to reject future revisions to its consoles, at least in the short and medium term. .

Do you think Xbox is risking too much with its new proposals? Tell us in the comments.

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