Phil Spencer: The Xbox One launch was a cold dose of reality

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Preceded by the success of the Xbox 360, the Xbox One was shaping up to be the console that would take the brand to the next level after positioning itself well in the industry. Unfortunately, poor management decisions and wrong suggestion led to a stumbling block that at one point led to questioning the future of Xbox. Today, the situation is different with the advent of Xbox Series X | S, Xbox Game Studios, and Xbox Game Pass, which made Phil Spencer pause.

For Phil Spencer, the launch of Xbox One is very important

During an interview with IGN (Across Pure Xbox), Phil Spencer, President of Xbox and Vice President of Games at Microsoft, spoke about how different the reality of Xbox is a few months after the launch of a new generation of consoles compared to the debut of the Xbox One. In this sense, Spencer considered the debut of the Xbox One, in 2013, one of his special moments because it prompted those in charge of the brand to rethink many things and lay the foundations that caused change years later: “It was a key moment for the team. Verification, what Who did we stand for? What did we want to be as we went along? How did we want to bet on each other? It was clearly a challenging year for the brand, and there was a lot to learn.”

He let Spencer see that fan desires define the way for Xbox

Later, Spencer pointed out that today’s Xbox reality, with the Xbox Series X | S, is different because the focus is on the users and not on what the brand wants or what they think is right. Practically speaking, he shows fans’ wishes indicate the direction to go: «The things I see in the team now, like listening to the community, challenging ourselves, not staying in the bubble we were in, trying to innovate and evolve and make up a lot of who we are today from that first year. For the Xbox One launch. There we got a cold dose of reality in terms of focusing not on what customers wanted, but perhaps on what we thought we needed. It just didn’t work out.»

What do you think of Xbox news? Is the brand doing it right? Will they be able to regain the momentum they gained with the Xbox 360?

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