PlayStation 5: What does the new console update include and what does it weigh?

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Today is a day anticipated by PlayStation 5 owners, as Sony prepares for a new state of play in a few hours with some announcements. On the other hand, the company has just released another update for the next generation console.

The system received an update in early June that resolved issues with the DualSense battery indicator and made improvements to console performance. Today’s update makes very general tweaks that haven’t been detailed by the company. So don’t expect new features for the console.

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This includes the new PlayStation 5 update

Through the PlayStation support page, Sony has stated that all gamers can now download the 21.01-03.21.00 update for the PlayStation 5. It’s a slightly heavier update than the previous update, as you’ll need roughly 1GB for free to be able to prompt it. .

To be exact, the update is 902 MB. As mentioned, you may be disappointed with its content, as it does not include console visual news. Despite this, Sony has recommended all players to update the PlayStation 5.

The update notes reveal that they include system performance improvements. The company did not clarify what kind of improvements it has prepared for version 21.01-03.21.00 of the console.

We remind you that Sony has recently started enrolling in a beta program for PlayStation 5 updates. Participants will have the opportunity to test new developments for the console before other users.

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