Pokémon GO is 5 years old and since its launch has made over $5 MMDD

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Pokemon GO Celebrate, because today marks 5 years since the original launch of the title. Although it has been a long time since its first show, the title’s popularity has not waned; On the contrary, the numbers indicate that she is living the best period in her history.

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of Pokemon GOAnalytics firm Sensor Tower has shared a new report revealing the amazing stats the title has 5 years after its original presentation.

The most interesting thing about the report is that just in time to celebrate its fifth anniversary, the game has already crossed $5 million in revenue since its premiere. This means that, on average, Pokemon GO She made $1 million a year, which is very impressive.

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Pokemon GO Make more money than ever before

It is clear that the changes made by Niantic to face restrictions due to the epidemic have been a huge success, because according to the information, the game had its best year in its history, as it made as of last June 641.6 million, 130% more compared to the first half of 2017 and 34% more From the first half of 2020. Last year was the best year in terms of revenue ($1.3 million per day), so 2021 is shaping up to smash that record, because it made half of what it did in 2020.

Pokemon GO It has been downloaded nearly 632 million times and the country with the most downloads and spending on the game is the United States, with 115 million downloads and 1.9 million US dollars spent on the game. Brazil is the second most downloaded country.

Google Play is the platform with more downloads of 487 million (77%) and the App Store only 144.8 million (23%), but in terms of income, the numbers are more than $2.7 million (52.8%) for Google Play and $2.4 million a day ( 47.2%) for the App Store.

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Imagine: Sensor Tower
Imagine: Sensor Tower

Enjoy many players Pokemon GO

Niantic did not miss the opportunity to celebrate with fans and not only brought a lot of substantive content to the game, but also shared an exciting video showing the great steps the title has taken in the past five years.

One interesting detail is that he shared game statistics, like this Pokemon GO Now available in more than 150 countries and regions, players have already hunted over 465 billion (465 billion) Pokémon, and collectively walked over 49 billion kilometers.

Surprisingly, it all started with a joke, right? We leave you with the trailer below.

What do you think of the amazing performance of Pokemon GO? -Do you still play it? Tell us in the comments.

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